Artist Mason McFee


The Refueled ONE Series is one single subject, photographer, craftsman or artist. A modern take on the printed paraphernalia of publisher Chris Brown's youth. The faded pages and colors of LIFE magazine. The satirical tone of MAD. The low-fi quality of comics. The rebellious feel of the 60’s and early 70’s. The size of vintage scout manuals and Stuckey’s road trip souvenir activity books.


"As a publisher, I want to keep expanding the way folks view media, style and print as a art form. But in doing so, I also want to remain true to my personal vision, ideas and memories - while continuing to connect with readers. I have been publishing Refueled in a fairly standard magazine format for eight years. I decided in 2016 I would break away from that format a bit and experiment with how Refueled is presented, allowing a year to see what breaks through."


                                                                            - Chris Brown, Refueled Publisher

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