Refueled Magazine Issue Thirteen (13)

S/S 2014 Community. Heritage. Discovery.


Issue features traveler Asher Moss, designer Ruthie Lindsey, photographer Alexandra Valenti, collector Christian Watson, clothing designer Stephanie Beard, denim maker Kortney Hastin, jewelry designer William Bryan Purcell, design studio LAND & clothing shop Old North Co.


Deluxe Hard Copy Edition. Premium matte stock. There is nothing like holding a printed copy in your hands. Perfect for relaxing by the fire, enjoying and discussing while camping or purchasing and sharing with friends.


Printed in the USA.

The Edge of the South / Refueled Publisher Chris Brown

TEDx presented twelve innovative Southerners who are breaking new ground. In media, art, filmmaking and fashion. It was an eye-opening day that shone the spotlight on some of the region's best and brightest.

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