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Refueled magazine is an independent publication founded by designer Chris Brown. We sat down with him at an old hardware store in Denton to talk shop on philosophies of fashion, the pursuit of creativity, and the excitement of starting something that is all your own.


Beard Supply / 8 Random Questions

Chris Brown, the man behind Refueled magazine, is every bit as interesting as his publication suggests. He’s a man who values tradition, adventure, rye whisky, beatnik literature, good music, and, of course, great beards. In other words: a man after our own hearts. We recently asked him a series of random questions after spending a few hours with him roaming the property of his good friend Jason Lee.

Refueled X Filson

Join Filson for a evening with Chris Brown, the publisher of Refueled magazine and steward of American culture. Come out for BBQ, whiskey and Brown's curated collection of Filson camp favorites.

Jason Lee & Chris Brown Speak at Polacon

On Sunday, October 2, 2016, actor, photographer, and Denton resident Jason Lee will debut his Refueled One Series / Vol.01, Instant Film bookfollowed by an audience Q&A with Lee and Refueled publisher Chris Brown. Patrick Tobin of The Impossible Project, the only company in the world that manufactures original format instant film, will monitor the keynote.

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Refueled's Chris Brown Contributes to Book

How Did Your Father Dress? "I remember his raw selvage Levi's jeans. He always wore really great chambray shirts and bandanas, and white t-shirts. Very Classic. Red Wing boots and cowboy hats, I mean - I dress like that today, so I know where it comes from. My father always wore a Stetson. As a child in the early sixties, I have great memories of trying on his beige Royal Stetson while he was at work in the oil refineries. It was sweat and smoke stained from days in the garden, and nights around an open fire during frequent weekend camping trips in the piney woods of southeast Texas. It smelled like him and gave me comfort in wearing it. I own that hat today." - Chris Brown, Refueled magazine publisher.

"Men and Style; Essays, Interviews and Considerations" by David Coggins. 

Creating Your Own Path Podcast

Chris Brown of Refueled magazine talks about his beautiful quarterly publication, which is all about community, heritage, and discovery. In the interview, Brown chats about the importance of print publications as they fit into the context of truly experiencing the stories and art we consume.

Brown also shares about the balance between doing what fulfills us creatively and focusing solely on what the audience wants or needs, how successfully selling a neighborhood newspaper at a very young age cemented his love for storytelling, and why he has taken Refueled in a slightly different direction this year. 

"Making the American Man" Documentary

This highly anticipated film, from director Gregory Caruso, draws its power from intimate conversations with over 35 tastemakers and designers who have defined what classic masculinity looks like today, and how they feel it must be produced. From Los Angeles to New York and everywhere in between, these cultural trendsetters shed light on the modern age of American men’s style, the value of American-made goods—and how one cannot exist without the other.